PENELOPE CRUMB cover image

by Shawn Stout

Move over Ramona, Clementine and Judy Moody.  Penelope Crumb is the new girl in town!

Miss Stunkel’s third-grade art class is Penelope Crumb’s All-Time Favorite subject. She loves drawing pictures, especially when they’re of her best friend, Patsy Cline Roberta Watson.  But Penelope gets a horrible shock when Patsy draws a picture of HER – with a great big nose.  Good gravy, that thing is enormous!

It wouldn’t be so bad if Penelope wasn’t the last person in the universe to notice the size of her nose. But an even greater shock is in store when her mom tells Penelope that she has the famous Crumb protuberance – not the nose of her father, who’s been Graveyard Dead since Penelope was a baby (leaving her with nothing except a red metal toolbox, a shoe horn and a few old photos), but the nose of Grandpa Felix – who Penelope had never even known was still alive.

With some help from Littie Maple across the way, and a lot of hindrance from her brother Terrible the Alien, Penelope resolves to sniff out the truth about that enormous thing in the middle of her face – and also the mystery surrounding her missing grandpa. Could it be that the Crumb nose has special powers – super powers? And is it possible that her nose is big enough to bring a family back together?

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Category: Ages 8 - 12

Rights Details

USA/Canada:  Philomel, Penguin USA (Summer 2012)

UK/Commonwealth: Quercus

Turkey: Artemis Yayinlari

French language rights:  Editions ADA, Canada

Germany: Planet Girl