How to submit


Please note:  Sarah is temporarily closed to submissions. This is necessary to clear the backlog properly - and apologies if you are awaiting a response.  She will reopen once she’s caught up! Thanks for your patience.

We are delighted that you are interested in submitting your work to Greenhouse!

The publishing industry is tough and competition is fierce, so we look for outstanding voices – for writing that’s fresh, original and effective. Most of all, we seek potential.

We specialize in writing for children: picturebook texts of less than 1000 words; high-concept/character-led young series; middle grade novels; young-adult/crossover novels. Very occasionally, a non-fiction proposal will be considered.

Please note: We are NOT looking for short stories, educational or religious/inspirational work, poetry, pre-school/novelty material, screenplays or writing aimed at adults.

Here is the procedure to follow if you want to submit your work to Greenhouse:

1) Make sure your work is absolutely as good as you can make it. Revise, critique (repeat, repeat) before sending. Don’t waste your opportunity!

2) Decide which agent is right for you - you can only submit to one. Click on Sarah Davies, John Cusick or Polly Nolan to read about them, their interests, and where they are based. If you live in the US/Canada and are writing for middle grade or older, you can query either Sarah or John. If you live in the UK/Commonwealth (or anywhere outside the US/ Canada), please query Polly.

3) PICTUREBOOKS:  If you are from the US/Canada, please submit your PB text to John. If you are from the UK/Commonwealth please submit to Polly.

4) Prepare a query email WITH THE AGENT’S NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE. The opening letter should be no longer than one page in length (if it were on paper) and should contain: word count of the manuscript; age group, brief synopsis of story (no more than 3 paragraphs); brief bio with details of any writing background you have. Please also tell us what country you live in. This is very helpful!

5) If you’re writing a novel: Paste the first 5 pages of your story into the body of the email. If you’re writing a picturebook (no more than 1000 words): paste in the whole text. No illustrations are required at this stage, unless you are an author/illustrator. Please note: we do not accept or open attachments unless we specifically request them.

6) Send your complete query email to submissions[at]greenhouseliterary[dot]com.

7) Wait patiently. We love to find new talent so all queries are read and carefully considered. We can often get back to you very quickly - within a few days. However, we receive a very high volume of submissions and sometimes other work/travel delay us. Please therefore allow up to 6 weeks for a response. If we haven’t got back to you by then, email the agent again on submissions[at]greenhouseliterary[dot]com - it’s possible your message got lost in cyberspace. You can of course also add a delivery/read receipt to your query email to be sure it has arrived.

8) If we are interested in your work we will reply asking to read either a partial or full manuscript as an e-document. In this case, please allow 6-8 weeks for us to read and respond to the manuscript.

Finally: Sarah, John and Polly work very closely together, so if we feel your work is better suited to another agent, we will pass it on.

Sorry, but we can’t give editorial feedback or advice about other agents or agencies.

Thanks for thinking of Greenhouse for your work - and good luck!