Very short, but hopefully quite intriguing

November 26, 2008

I was meant to write you a nice long and meaty piece today – but have run out of time, caught between ‘the rock’ of a contract’s minute detail and ‘the hard place’ of a Thanksgiving dessert waiting to be created, its constituent parts sitting neglected in bags out in the garage.
So I shall simply say a big HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American readers. And don’t worry, you Brits reading this – I promise to explain Thanksgiving when I see you next. As well as Being Thankful, it also involves doing strange things with marshmallows, the ‘Butterball Hotline’, and many images in the news of car headlights inching up the freeway. For me, it also involves struggling to work out how (and perhaps why) on earth I must now weigh butter in ‘cups’. Can butter really fit into cups? Yes, when it comes to cuisine, America and Britain are definitely two countries divided by a common recipe.

The planned witty and penetrating blog post is therefore not going to happen. But I can tell you this – I have some very exciting news for you, which has been keeping me extraordinarily busy. And I can promise that all will be revealed NEXT WEEK!

Oh, and I also have a Very Special Guest arriving with me on Monday!

All of which is, of course, designed to keep you on Thanksgiving tenterhooks – and make you tune in next week.

And now, having been irritatingly and quite smugly cryptic, I shall sign off and head to the garage to retrieve my ‘sweet butter’ and golden raisins. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, wherever you are!