What the heck!

What the heck! I agree. What the heck! isn’t exactly a profound philosophy for life – or writing. But it’s as near as I can get to the kind of carefree “Give it a shot” mindset that I love to see in authors. Because that’s the attitude that takes risks, that doesn’t mind giving it […]

The view from my desk – Fall 2013

It’s been a busy Fall. Three conferences and many client manuscripts (hurrah!) have made it hard to find time to blog. But I’ve missed it, so thought I’d do a little ‘state of the nation’. Or, I guess you could say, ‘the view from my desk’. There’s been much food for thought this year. 2013 […]

The things I see (and don’t see)

Dead silence on Sarah’s blog for far too long. Why? 1) Having been quite ill over Christmas, I then got ill again in January and it went on for most of the month, making everything a struggle. 2) Been working like a dog. 3) Julia and I have been preparing for the Bologna Book Fair […]

Things I heard in New York

I made one of my regular pilgrimages to New York last week. Two Greenhouse authors were in town too, seeing their publishers – Jeyn Roberts/DARK INSIDE (S&S) and Erica Scheidt/USES FOR BOYS (St Martin’s Press) – so it was great to be able to spend time with them both, as well as hear all about […]

The buzz of summer

Firstly, I should say – for the avoidance of doubt – that this photo has nothing to do with anything bookish. I just wanted to give you an image of summer coming; a young Greenhouse dachshund enjoying himself. We have to keep things in perspective, right? Just back from nearly a week in New York, […]

The Skinny

Skinny. What I used to be, but am no longer. Which makes my mom very happy. My favourite jeans. Especially the new Gap cords (excellent with boots). The cappuccino I must remember to ask for but frequently forget. The muffin that is apparently going to reduce you rather than expand you. (What is this thing […]