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Bad Bella

The story of a very special dog, who will win the heart of any reader who loves our furry friends.

Bella’s the happiest dog in the universe . . . until her owners start to change.  They have a baby . . . and before she knows it, Bella’s no longer wanted. Her bad behaviour – which she thinks will make her family notice her – is the last straw.  They dump Bella in the pound!

 Things look bleak, until a lovely couple – the Roses – take Bella in.  But just as Bella is starting to relax in her new home, Mrs Rose tells Bella that she’s pregnant.  That means only one thing to Bella:  her humans will get rid of her again.  Heart-broken and terrified, Bella runs away. Life on the streets is tough, and scary.  As the weather starts to worsen, she becomes colder and hungrier. But Bella is a dog with a big heart and adorable eyes.  Will she find a home in time for Christmas?


Rights details

USA/Canada: HarperCollins (Fall 2019)
Czech Republic: Albatros
Slovakia: Albatros Slovakia

The Author

Ali Standish

A native of North Carolina, where she now lives, Ali Standish spent several years as a teacher/program administrator in the Washington DC Public School system. She has an MFA in Children’s Writing from Hollins University. THE ETHAN I WAS BEFORE, Ali’s classic-feeling, thought-provoking and moving debut, was published by Harper Collins (North America) and Orchard (UK) in 2017.  Her second book – AUGUST ISLE (North America)/THE SECRET SUMMER (US) is out now.  Her super book for younger, dog-loving readers BAD BELLA is out in the States at the end of 2019.  Ali is currently working on other terrific MG which will be published in 2020 and 2021.



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