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Brand-New Bubbe

A charming and amusing story about the joys and problems of creating a blended family

A delightful picture book about a blended family, of different traditions, and the gentle conflicts that can occur when new relatives are first getting to know each other. Also, it is a charming look at the affection between a child and her grandparents – such a significant relationship for many children.

When Jillian’s mom gets married, Jillian gets a new stepdad. She also gets a new Jewish grandma, named Bubbe, who comes on just a little too strong. Like many children in a newly blended family, Jillian feels loyalty to her other grandmothers — Oma and Gram. She doesn’t want them to feel left out. When Mom tells Jillian to give Bubbe a chance, Jillian finds a way to honor all three grandmas — and finally figures out that family is made of love, not blood. And that there is always room for more love in your life!

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World: Charlesbridge, 2024