Butlers and Black Cats: Rose Raventhorpe Investigates (Book 1)

Rose Raventhorpe's beloved butler has been killed. Lord & Lady Rosenthorpe expect their only daughter to behave in a dignified, ladylike manner. No chance! Rose is going to find out who did the rotten deed and see justice done.

Lady Rose Raventhorpe has always had a quiet life – and she hates it!  So when her beloved butler, Argyle, becomes the third butler in York to be murdered in a week, nothing is going to stop her getting to the bottom of the mystery: not the secrets she finds hidden under the city’s streets; not the faceless villains who seem to be targeting her now; not the entreaties of her best friend – and certainly not her parents’ disapproval of her unladylike behaviour!

Rose quickly discovers a whole world beyond her own, one where suspicions are rife, trust is hard to come by and people will kill to get what they want. Can Rose survive? Can she capture the culprits? And can she ever learn to cut the perfect cucumber sandwich . . . with a sword?

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UK (Hachette)