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Drew Leclair Gets a Clue

A modern take on Harriet the Spy, where a girl tries to catch the cyberbully in her school—only to discover that family, friendship, and identity are the hardest mysteries to solve.

Drew Leclair knows what it takes to be a great detective. She’s pored over the cases solved by her hero, criminal profiler Lita Miyamoto. She tracked down the graffiti artist at school, and even solved the mystery of her neighbor’s missing rabbit. But when her mother runs off to Hawaii with the school guidance counselor, Drew is shocked. How did she miss all of the clues?

Drew is determined to keep her family life a secret, even from her best friend. But when a cyberbully starts posting embarrassing rumors about other students at school, it’s only a matter of time before Drew’s secret is out.

Armed with her notebooks full of observations about her classmates, Drew knows what she has to do: profile all of the bullies in her grade to find the culprit. But being a detective is more complicated when the suspects can be your friends. Will Drew crack the case if it means losing the people she cares about most?


Praise for Drew Leclair Gets a Clue:

“The perfect story for a kid who wants a little more than just a mystery about a school cyberbully. Readers who are ready to progress from Nancy Drew (who the main character was named after) but are not quite ready for One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus will enjoy this book.”

School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW


  • This book is captivating, heartwarming, and deeply clever.
  • The mystery kept me on my toes.
  • Drew is perfectly imperfect—a whip-smart delight.

CONCLUSION: It would be a crime to miss Drew Leclair Gets a Clue!”

Lauren Magaziner, author of the Case Closed series

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The Author

Katryn Bury

KATRYN BURY wrote her first mystery at the age of six, and has been writing ever since.    By day, she is a library technician who is lucky enough to work with middle grade readers. By night, she writes the books she always wanted to read growing up. Katryn also has a bachelor’s degree in sociology and criminology. Her short and serialized fiction can be found in Suspense Magazine and The Sleuth. Her debut middle grade mystery, Drew Leclair Gets a Clue, deals with sexual identity, chronic illness, and bullying with a true crime twist and was acquired in a two-book deal by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children’s for publication in Spring 2022. She lives in Oakland, California with her family and a vast collection of Nancy Drew mysteries.

Visit katrynbury.com to find out more and follow her on Twitter and on Instagram at @katrynwrites.

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