Escape This Book! Titanic

A series in which YOU are the star of history! Doodle, decide, and demolish your way out of history's greatest events. This new series is Choose Your Own Adventure meets I Survived meets doodle book!

Reader, beware! Once you open this book, there is no turning back. You will have three chances to survive the Titanic‘s fateful voyage. Decide which path to take first.

Passenger: Exploring the ship is fun! Just don’t get caught on the wrong deck when there’s an iceberg ahead!

Crew Member: You work for a family in first class. Can you persuade them to save you along with their beloved dog?

Stowaway: You snuck onto this ship. Can you draw your way onto a lifeboat?

Doodle your way through adventures as you decide the best path for survival. Don’t be afraid to rip or fold a page. . . . Your escape may depend on it!

Rights details

World rights: Random House (March 2019)
France: Flammarion
Korea: Donga
Netherlands: Uitgeverij Volt
Hungary: Maxim Konyvkiado
Germany: Loewe Verlag
Romania: Editura Corint
Complex Chinese: CommonWealth Education
Simplified Chinese: Beijing Tianlue Books Co.

The Author

Bill Doyle

With over 2,000,000 books in print and an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Bill has been working in kids media for decades. His publishers include Penguin Random House (The 5th Hero series, Escape This Book series, Magic for Hire series, and The Prizewinners of Piedmont Place series), Scholastic (Behind Enemy Lines series, Scream Team series, Space University series and Mystery Comp Cliffhangers series), Chronicle (the Choose Your Own Adventure Worst Case Scenario: Everest) and Little Brown (the 6-book Crime Through Time series). Writing as W.H. Doyle, Bill published a YA in 2019 with the intrigue-filled Tudor Rose series.

He’s co-founder of Crab Hill Press, publisher of award-winning interactive storybooks, and he’s the developer of digital storytelling experiences for cultural institutions, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bill’s served as editor at Sesame Workshop, TIME For Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids and LeapFrog.

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Bill is represented by Chelsea Eberly.

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