Just One Little Light

A gloriously simple, but extremely powerful, book which illustrates the importance of supporting each other.

A beautifully illustrated and compelling picture book about people – especially women – supporting each other and believing that shining a light on your peers is the best way we can all shine. Inspired by women and women of color especially, women who have bravely spoken out for #MeToo, women and humans everywhere willing to help those around them, regardless of what it might cost.


Rights details

World rights: Balzer & Bray, HarperCollins (2014)

The Author

Kat Yeh

Kat Yeh’s debut MG novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT TWINKIE PIE, was a BEA Buzz Panel selection and published in 2014 with Little, Brown. THE WAY TO BEA will follow in 2017.

She is also the author of several picture books, including THE FRIEND SHIP, which publishes in 2016. YOU’RE LOVABLE TO ME (Random House, 2009) and THE MAGIC BRUSH: A Story of Love, Family, and Chinese Characters (Walker, 2011) were earlier titles. She lives very close to the water, in a village in Long Island, NY.



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