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Sean Griswold’s Head

Charming and sweetly funny, here is first love mixed with the big issues of life and death, loss and discovery.

After discovering her father’s big Multiple Sclerosis secret, Payton Gritas’s structured life crumbles. So begin her excruciating ‘chats’ with Ms Callahan, a school counselor aiming to save Payton from drowning in denial by encouraging her to write Focus Exercises on any random object. Payton chooses Sean Griswold, her alphabetical connection since kindergarten. More specifically, she chooses his somewhat over-sized head.
As Payton’s research grows into something a little less scientific and a little more crush-like, it spawns more and more questions about Sean and his dome. Like what’s with the scar? And why is a fifteen year old training to be the next Lance Armstrong? Payton finds answers to these questions by getting inside Sean’s head, while Sean somehow finds a way into her guarded heart. But when Payton realizes her Sean obsession won’t ultimately mend her battered relationship with her dad, she must shift her focus to the one person who can find the way forward – herself.

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USA/Canada: Bloomsbury Children’s US (February 2011)

UK/Commonwealth: Scholastic UK (July 2011)

Good news

2013 Beehive Book Award

Young Adult Fiction Nominee for the 2013 Beehive Book Award

Kentucky Bluegrass Award 2012

Nominated for the 2012 Kentucky Bluegrass Award

2012 YALSA Pick

YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults for 2012