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The Eye of the North

A rip-roaring middle grade adventure set in the far reaches of the Icy North.

When Emmeline gets up one morning, her parents are gone. All that they’ve left is a letter telling her to flee to a safehouse in Paris. Emmeline doesn’t delay (her parents are sensible types, after all) but before she gets far, she’s tumbled into an adventure that will change her life.  Kidnapped by an evil maniac, with designs on controlling the world by controlling the polar ice-caps, Emmeline must escape.  But danger lurks everywhere – from the North Witch who has vowed to protect her icy kingdoms, from the people who say they are there to help.  The only person she can trust is the fearless, unpredictable Thing, a strange boy she has met en route.  But how can two orphans save the world?

Rights details

UK: Stripes
North American: Knopf

Good news

Longlisted in the ‘Moving On’ section of the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Awards 2018

The Author

Sinéad O’Hart

Sinéad O’Hart lives in the Irish midlands with her husband and young child.  She has done many things in her life, including working as a butcher and a proofreader (not at the same time, we hope) but could never quite shake the small voice whispering ‘write ‘ in her ear.  Following a degree in medieval studies (an experience that has given her a rich seam to mine for inspiration), she finally gave into the voice, something that will delight middle-grade readers everywhere.  Sinéad quotes Alan Garner’s ELIDOR as a huge influence on her and says that reading it aged eight changed her and made her the writer she is.


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