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The Mending Summer

Some summers are meant to break your heart. Others to mend it. Every once in a while, a summer rolls around that does both. 

For Georgia, this summer is shaping up to be a big disappointment. Mama is busy studying for her biology degree. Daddy is working nights, and often the man who comes home isn’t Daddy. He’s a man who looks like Daddy, but walks a little wobbly. Who sounds like Daddy, but sings a little too loud. Georgia calls him the Shadow Man.

So now, instead of riding horses with her friends at camp, Georgia is sent off to the country to stay with her mysterious great-aunt for the summer to avoid her parents’ fighting.

There, a lonely Georgia meets a mysterious friend named Angela and together, they discover a magical lake—one that can make wishes come true. At first, the lake offers Georgia a thrilling escape from her worries and hope that she can use its magic to heal her family. But as things grow worse at home, a troubled boy appears at the lake and the wishes threaten to spiral out of control . . .

Award-winning author Ali Standish explores the courage it takes to piece your heart back together again when those closest to you break it.

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USA/Canada: HarperCollins (May 2021)

Good news

Starred review from School Library Journal

“A timeless tale of discovery, growth, and relationships … a powerful story about an important topic.”

Junior Library Guild selection

The Author

Ali Standish

A native of North Carolina, where she now lives, Ali Standish spent several years as a teacher/program administrator in the Washington DC Public School system. She has an MFA in Children’s Writing from Hollins University. THE ETHAN I WAS BEFORE, Ali’s classic-feeling, thought-provoking and moving debut, was published by Harper Collins (North America) and Orchard (UK) in 2017.  Her second book – AUGUST ISLE (North America)/THE SECRET SUMMER (US) is out now.  Her super book for younger, dog-loving readers BAD BELLA is out in the States at the end of 2019.  Ali is currently working on other terrific MG which will be published in 2020 and 2021.



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