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Miranda misses her mum. The mum who used to laugh at her jokes and take her to Disneyworld. But something happened that stopped all that - now Miranda's mum is always hurrying away on another work trip and can barely look Miranda in the eye. So when Miranda is sent to spend the summer on August Isle, where her mum grew up, she is determined to unlock the secrets that are breaking her family apart.

Publishing in April 2019 – as THE SECRET SUMMER in the UK and as AUGUST ISLE in the US – this gripping middle grade novel is a must for anybody who loves mystery adventure with real heart.

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Ali Standish

A native of North Carolina, where she now lives, Ali Standish spent several years as a teacher/program administrator in the Washington DC Public School system. She has an MFA in Children’s Writing from Hollins University. THE ETHAN I WAS BEFORE, Ali’s classic-feeling, thought-provoking and moving debut, was published by Harper Collins (North America) and Orchard (UK) in 2017.  Her second book – AUGUST ISLE (North America)/THE SECRET SUMMER (US) is out now.  Her super book for younger, dog-loving readers BAD BELLA is out in the States at the end of 2019.  Ali is currently working on other terrific MG which will be published in 2020 and 2021.



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