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The Storm Singer

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief meets One Thousand and One Nights in this thrilling middle grade fantasy from Rick Riordan Presents author Sarwat Chadda about a girl with the magical power to control the elements with her song.

In a land ruled by fierce winged warriors known as eagle garudas, twelve-year-old Nargis is just a poor, lowly human, a Worm who hates the garudas that killed her parents. But even though she can’t fly—and her childhood attempt left her walking with a crutch—she is far from powerless. Nargis is a spirit singer: able to coax small bits of wind, water, fire, and earth to do her bidding through song…well, sometimes.

When Nargis loses control of her power in a high-stakes kite fight, she is exiled. Cast into the desert, she discovers Mistral, an injured boy who turns out to be an eagle garuda, the prince of her enemies! He’s on a mission to take back his throne from a terrible vulture garuda. In spite of their mutual distrust, the two have no choice but to forge an unlikely alliance if they want to escape the desert alive.

And as Nargis and Mistral battle dangerous assassins, befriend crafty sky pirates, and sneak into the mysterious sky castle of Alamut, Nargis discovers she carries a family secret, one that could bring Monsoon’s rains back to the desert, but only if she’s willing to risk her life in the bargain…

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Sarwat Chadda

SARWAT CHADDA is a New York Times bestselling, Indie bestselling, and Publishers Weekly Frontlist bestselling author of the City of the Plague God duology, the Spiritstone Saga, the Ash Mistry trilogy, the Shadow Magic trilogy, and the Devil’s Kiss duology, as well as works with Star Wars, 39 Clues, Spirit Animals, and Minecraft. Sarwat is a first generation Muslim immigrant of South Asian descent who loves writing over-the-top adventures. His work has received numerous starred reviews, is a Goodreads Choice Best Middle Grade Award Nominee, and is an Amazon Best Book of the Year winner. He has been published in over a dozen languages. Outside of novels, he’s written plays, comic books and tv shows, including The Legend of Hanuman for Disney Hotstar. Sarwat lives in London, UK.

Feel free to drop him a line on Twitter at @sarwatchadda, Instagram at @sarwat_chadda, and visit him at sarwatchadda.com.

Sarwat is represented by Chelsea Eberly.

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