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Seasons of the Storm

Seasons of the Storm

An intriguing and thrilling urban fantasy novel. Romantic, exciting and fresh, the story explores the human condition -- especially love, friendship and mortality -- through science-based themes.

In the winter of 1988, on the eve of his eighteenth birthday, Jack Summers snapped his spine against a tree on a double-black diamond slope after one beer too many. His death was quick and painless. His second-chance at life would be anything but.  As he lay dying in the snow, a silver-eyed woman named Gaia came to him with three choices: live forever according to my rules, or die tonight?

Gifted with Winter’s power and assigned to a small region of the mid-Atlantic, Jack’s sole purpose since that night has been to kill the Season before him. Gaia’s rules are pretty straight forward. Winter kills Autumn. Autumn kills Summer. Summer kills Spring – and Spring kills Winter. Which means that Jack kills Amber. Amber kills Julio. And Julio kills Fleur. Jack detests almost everything about Amber Chase, making his mission pretty simple. But when Jack and Fleur – Winter and Spring –  unexpectedly fall for each other, the true brutality of the seasonal cycle becomes all too personal and all too painful.

Seasons are supposed to be grateful for their gifts. After all, they chose this life. Even if that choice was the last they would ever make. They’re also supposed to hate each other. Their opposing powers, the violent nature of the hunt, the competitive rankings that reward ferocity and punish the weak, the segregated campus under London’s Royal Observatory where the Seasons live and train. . .  the entire system is rigged to keep them apart, engineered by Gaia to preserve the fragile balance of nature. And it’s enforced by her father to keep history from repeating itself, a history rife with unchecked greed and passion, and a bloody revolution that nearly cost him his throne.

When the four Seasons, sworn enemies, unite against nature, risking immortality for a chance to reclaim their free will, their escape invites the attention of a long-forgotten enemy, reigniting a rebellion that has lain quiet for hundreds of years. Finding themselves in the middle of a battle for the throne, their cross-country journey places the four Seasons back-to-back, defending each other against a creator who now seeks to destroy them. Finding help and strength in unexpected places, they may just stand a chance at friendship and love, if they can keep each other alive through the revolution.

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USA/Canada: Winter 2020
Italy: Rizzoli
Germany: DTV Junior
Russia: Eksmo
Romania: Storia
France: De Saxus
UK audio: Bolinda
US audio: HarperCollins