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When You Trap a Tiger

From the author of THE SCIENCE OF BREAKABLE THINGS, a sparkling tale about the power of stories and the magic of family.

“Halmoni,” I whispered, “will you tell us a story?”

My grandmother smiled, took a deep breath, and started with the Korean version of “once upon a time”:

“Long, long ago, when tiger walked like man . . .”

Lily often feels invisible. Her older sister calls her a QAG (Quiet Asian Girl). When Lily and her family move in with her sick halmoni, a magical tiger straight out of her grandmother’s Korean folktales arrives. Suddenly, Lily feels seen.

The tiger offers Lily a deal: if Lily will open Halmoni’s star jars and let the tiger drink the stories inside, the tiger will heal her grandmother. But deals with tigers are never what they seem! With the help of her sister and her friend Ricky, Lily must find her voice . . . and the courage to face a tiger.

Rights details

USA/Canada: Random House (Fall 2019)
Audio: Listening Library
Korea: Dolbegae

The Author

Tae Keller

Tae (pronounced Tay) Keller grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii (where she danced hula for eight years), and graduated in English with a major in Creative Writing from Bryn Mawr College, where she won the M. Carey Thomas Prize – the highest award given for distinction in writing. She has interned and worked in foreign rights with publishers and agencies, but is now focused on her writing.

THE SCIENCE OF BREAKABLE THINGS, her debut novel, was sold in a fierce bidding war and will be published by Random House in 2017.


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