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Debbie Brosnan asked 6 years ago

… an unsolicited fiction 8 -12 year old (& for whole family) manuscript from Australia with a face book link to one of the real live characters featured in the manuscript? Kind Regards Debbie

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Debbie
The simple answer is ‘no’.  I never delete anything that follows our submission guidelines. (Not following them would result in a different answer!)  What I wouldn’t do, in the first instance, is click on a link embedded in the query.  As per the submission guidelines on this site, we never click on links in queries, for security reasons.
What I would do is have a look at your synopsis and writing sample.  Were I interested, I’d mail asking you to send the full manuscript.  After considering that, I’d either pass or I’d contact you to discuss the idea further and talk to you about the Facebook link etc.
For what it’s worth – and bearing in mind that not every agent will think as I do – although the Facebook link is potentially interesting, for me there is the question of how many children who will be reading your novel would actually have Facebook pages or be on Facebook? Is Facebook therefore the best social media platform with which to link?
I hope all of that helps.