Sarabjit Parmar asked 3 years ago

Why do you think there’s lack of representation of disability in publishing? And where are the agencies representing writers with disabilities? I can’t help but feel that there isn’t equality and there is a ableism when it comes to there not being books with characters in, for example, wheelchairs. I am a writer, a wheelchair user and I’ve written a book with the protagonist being in a wheelchair. I’ve had several rejections from agents -with feedback – saying that my writing is really good but for some reason they cannot “connect”. I’m intrigued. What do you think?

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 3 years ago

Your question about the lack of disability representation is a big question that publishing is currently trying to address and still has a long way to go with addressing. Certainly a lack of representation on the staffs of agencies (Greenhouse included) and at publishing houses is a part of the picture, though not a complete answer to the unconscious biases and ableism in the industry. I can’t speak to why those agents passed on your work, but I do think it’s a good sign that they provided feedback, which is not always the case. My hope for you is that you continue to put representation of disability in your work and continue to pursue publication as a writer who is also a wheelchair user. Readers need more of these stories, and I firmly believe there is room in the market for them. Please consider querying the Greenhouse agent that you feel best suits your project. I wish you the best of luck! 
All best,