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Amy Gibson asked 2 years ago

Hi Sarah, I am hugely excited to have discovered your agency – not simply because you sound very approachable, but more because I am always excited to find a fellow Arabic speaker and enthusiast. I note that you are not open to submissions at the moment, and when you are, you only accept women\’s literature on referral. I have been working with Frances Wilson (former judge of Man Booker and Goldsmith Prizes, literary critic, award winning biographer) on my MS and Frances endorses my manuscript; I wondered (and my apologies if this is too bold) whether, when you re-open submissions, you would consider my manuscript on the basis of this endorsement?

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Amy
Thanks for your nice message. I’m also always delighted to find fellow Arabic speakers (thought I can’t quite claim to have reached that level yet!) and enthusiasts. 
You sound amazing, but I’m sorry to say I am not currently seeing a moment when I will reopen to submissions due to the pressures of looking after my existing client list. Were I open, I would definitely take a look at your manuscript. 
I’m sorry to see you go, but wish you all the best in finding a great agent match.