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Jesse asked 7 years ago

Hi Polly,

We have a fully illustrated chapter book (middle grade), which we would love you to see.
The project evolved as a collaboration between myself and the illustrator, so is an illustrated PDF.

We didn’t want to send it through without checking, as your website makes it quite clear it will be deleted!

I’m happy to send it to you text-only, but we would love for you to see it as we intended, if possible.


Jesse & Genevieve.

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 7 years ago

Very much appreciate you checking before sending the attachment – always wise to do so!
Please go ahead and send the pdf.  Perhaps you could mention in your query email that we had this exchange?  I get so many queries that I would hate it if yours was inadvertently deleted because I’d forgotten I’d said ‘yes’ to the attachment.