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Chris Michael von Halle asked 4 years ago

Hello! I recently wrote a middle-grade space opera (that\’s actually somewhat more of a mystery vs. high-octane galactic fights and what not), but it occurs to me that I haven\’t seen many books published in this vein, and the word online seems to be it\’s a tough sell in the current market (as is MG science fiction in general, even though I see a lot of agents asking for it). Is that true? Is MG SF, particularly space opera, a tough sell these days? I figure it\’s better to know going into the dreaded query process haha. Thanks in advance for your answer! -Chris

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Chris
Thanks for your question. This is a tough one to answer. I never like to rule out whole genres on principle, because the truth is it’s all about how the manuscript reads. Does it really grab from page 1? Does it do something unique? Do we love the characters? Is it immersive? etc etc. Even if something wouldn’t be top of my wishlist in principle, my mind can be totally changed by a game-changing manuscript!
That’s probably where I’d stand on a MG space opera. It wouldn’t be top of my wishlist, and possibly those of some editors. But we are all ready to have our minds changed — if the story is fab enough.
Probably not quite the cut-and-dried answer you hoped for, but it feels true!