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Kimberly Riley asked 6 years ago

I’ve been reading through your MSWL and your submission page. MSWL says you would like a pitch while the submissions page says synopsis. I wish to be certain the synopsis (spoilers, twists, and all, I assume!) is what you prefer and not the pitch. And that I am also not confusing one for the other.

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 6 years ago

Hi Kimberly
Apologies for the slow response! We seem not to be receiving notifications that questions have arrived – must look into that!
I agree, the pitch/synopsis thing is a bit confusing and we will change to “pitch” on the site.  Though the fact that we do say only “three paragraphs” is probably an indication that we don’t intend a full-blown synopsis.
A pitch is fine – you are querying the book.  But if you want to add a little more to give a stronger idea of where it will go, then that is OK too.  We just don’t want one-page/two-page outlines.
Hope this helps!