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sandie asked 6 years ago

Hello Polly, I sent you a manuscript for a YA SFF novel last year. You declined it, but I\’ve since made significant revisions to it – is it worth sending through again? thank you.

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Sandie
Sorry to send what I know will be a disappointing response, but unless you’ve completely re-written the novel, it’s probably wise not to re-submit to me. 
When I’m considering a manuscript, I’m thinking not only of the storyline (which is, of course, important) but also of the writing style and the voice.  If your re-write has been to change the novel structurally but not to change the writing style/voice, it’s unlikely that I will change my mind about it.  If, however, this is really a completely new book, you’re welcome to re-submit it.