Sandie asked 7 years ago

Hello Polly,
Are books written in first person present an immediate turn off for agents? And if yes…if the story is strong enough would an agent suggest resubmitting in a different POV? thank you!

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 7 years ago

Hello Sandie
Don’t worry: books written in the first person, present tense are not a turn off for agents. It’s just me who – at the moment – is a little weary of them, as it seems as though everything I am sent these days is written in that voice.  That said, I have recently signed a new client writing in the first person, present tense because their manuscript is just so good.
For what it’s worth, if I were a writer, I would never re-write my novel from a different point of view just because an agent has suggested it, unless I believed, deep down, that that was how the book should be written.  An agent’s response to a novel is subjective: what one agent loves, another may dislike.  You should write the book that is calling to you.  That will make it the best book.

Where I would consider re-working a novel’s POV, were I an author, is if a number of agents have made the same comment.  If a lot of industry experts react in a similar way to your manuscript, it’s probably worth giving serious consideration to what they are saying.
I hope that helps? Good luck with your manuscript.