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Travis Casey asked 6 years ago

I saw Sarah’s MSWL where she is currently seeking work regarding immigration. As an American, who moved to the UK, who returned to the USA to look after aging parents (with my British wife) twenty-two years after I left the US, I had enough material to write a book. So I did. Does Greenhouse consider previously published work? If interested, I would be willing to pull the current book, re-edit, change title, even use a pen name if Greenhouse might be interested. Or is self-publishing the kiss of death?

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 6 years ago

Dear Travis
It’s true I’m seeking fiction about immigration, but my thoughts are more about immigration from Central America (in the case of the US market) and the current European migrant crisis (from a UK market perspective – though, to be honest, there’s a lot of crossover here between the US/UK markets in their interest in this). Your material also doesn’t sound as if it’s particularly aimed at children or teens, which is where we specialize. The “previously published” aspect is another difficulty. Put all this together, and I’d say this isn’t one for us. 
Good luck with it!