Jennifer Camiccia asked 8 years ago

Hi! I submitted a query about a month ago, and I’m afraid it got lost in cyberspace. Should I resubmit now, since you’re closing this Sunday? Or wait?
Thanks! And I love your new site 🙂

1 Answers
Sarah Davies Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi Jennifer (and anyone else waiting to hear on a query!) I actually kept yours back to read again, so I have it safe and sound. We’ve received a very high volume of queries over the past few months and it isn’t easy to stay on top of them all as fast as we’d like. I will be getting back to you.  Generally, it will be helpful if we can reserve this Q&A page for questions about the industry/publishing/the agency, rather than individual submissions, which are best handled via a follow-up email to our submissions email address. This is something we should probably put on our submissions page. Thanks for following up on this occasion, and sorry to be slow. Glad you like the site!  Sarah