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Chris von Halle asked 3 years ago

Hello, I’m finishing up a middle-grade horror book and am looking to query it soon, but I’m wondering what the current market is looking like during the pandemic. Are literary agents and publishers still avidly looking for new submissions and authors, or with money and such tight would it be wiser to wait for the economy to improve and things to “go back to normal” before submitting a new book to agents and publishers. Thanks so much in advance for your input!

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Chris
The market has actually been pretty strong for deals, especially since about May/June when a little optimism returned. So I’d say go ahead and query. Just  bear in mind that both Chelsea and I are closed to submissions until January 18. Querying over the holidays isn’t a good idea, even if agents are open. Most of us are finishing up, trying to get through the reading we have already requested.  
Any new manuscripts we sell now won’t publish until 2022, so everyone will be hoping that things will be well back to normal by then!
Best wishes