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Darren Anderson asked 4 years ago

Hello Sarah, I have published my first book and I am writing my second. I was wondering if you have any advice or ideas about pitching the book to someplace such as Netflix? I have no idea if it would fly or have potential, I am literally just wondering about how you would even try. I know you need an agent as businesses do not accept unsolicited items without them. In fact even if they ask you to submit something I think you still need one. So if you have anything else you can tell me, I would appreciate it.

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, Darren
Well done on publishing your novel. 
Your question is a tricky one as I do indeed suspect you’d need to go through an agent to approach Netflix. That might happen through your literary agent or through a film/tv agent (we generally work with co-agents in this manner, since the film/tv world is very different). Sadly, since you aren’t our client, it’s not possible for us to help you with this. I guess my best advice would be to try and interest a film/tv agent in your book, and I’m sure you can find resources online that could give you some names. 
My other advice would be to try and find a literary agent for your second book, as they would then look at the best way to exploit all the rights on your behalf. 
Good luck