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Darren Jo Holman asked 4 years ago

Hi Greenhouse team, I was wondering if the current virus pandemic has had any impact on your reply time frame of 6-8 weeks for new submissions? (I submitted several weeks ago) Many thanks, and stay safe!  Jo.

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Jo
Our policy (as given on our website) is only to respond to queries which we want to take forward, and the 6-8 weeks reading period refers to that. You should have received an auto-response acknowledging receipt and setting out that policy. I’ve had a quick look through our submissions inbox, and our junk and deleted folders, and I can’t find an email with a name that looks like yours, which is very strange.  It makes me wonder if your query ever arrived — especially if you didn’t get the auto-response.
We are currently closed to submissions (since April 28), but please feel free to query again when we are open — date TBC.
All the best