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Jessica asked 6 years ago

Dear Polly, I wish to submit my work to you for consideration. According to the agency\’s guidelines, I can submit work that is the writing stage. Currently, I am editing my first draft. Will it harm my chances of working with you if I was to submit a query at this stage? Thank you, Jessica

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Jessica
Thank you for getting in touch.  Writers can submit their work at any stage but, in my experience, the most common mistake that people make is sending in their work before it’s ready.  To give yourself the best possible chance amongst fierce competition – we get a LOT of queries each day! – it would be wise to polish the work and get it as good as it possibly can be before you start sending it to agents, including me.  
I hope that helps.  The best of luck with your novel.