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Steph asked 7 years ago

Dear Polly What are the guidelines with swear words for a YA story please? I’m unsure if the story I am writing will be classed more as adult because of the swearing content. The story isn’t page after page of swearing, but considerimg the era and characters, it would be unrealistic if there wasn’t any swearing.  Thank you for your time. Steph

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Steph
Thanks for your question. As is often the case, there isn’t a straightforward answer. Some YA fiction has swearing in it. Some doesn’t. As a general rule, if the swearing is vital to the plot or dialogue, it is acceptable. It’s worth bearing in mind that a swear word on the page often packs a more powerful punch than hearing somebody use it, so less is often more.
I hope that helps?