Rezoana asked 5 years ago


I have a question about what you require as a synopsis. I’ve read the answer to the Synopsis vs Pitch question but just wanted to clarify it a bit more. A lot of sources define the synopsis as a summary of the main story, including the ending.
In the two-paragraph synopsis, would you like us to provide the main story, including the ending? Or would you like more of a blurb where the main premise and conflict is stated in 1-2 paragraphs?

Kind regards.

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 5 years ago

Hello Rezoana
Thank you for getting in touch. The synopsis should tell us the key points of your story – including the ending and any plot twists along the way – in the shortest and most direct way possible.  It shouldn’t be blurb.
Synopses aren’t easy to write (I know this having had to write tens of hundreds of them over the course of my career).  It’s well worth investing time in yours though as, often, the synopsis will be the first piece of your writing that an agent will read.