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Samera Kamaleddine asked 6 years ago

Hello! I had a question about how your agency works with Australian-based authors – I\’ve stumbled upon your agency and feel it\’s most suited to my almost-complete YA manuscript (in particular, the topics Sarah is interested in) so I\’d really like to put you at the top of my list when I\’m ready to submit but not sure how that would work? Do you deal with many Australian authors from your offices in the US/UK, do you ever get to meet in person, do you have a lot of dealings with Australian publishers? Sorry, that was more than one question… Thanks very much, Author-in-waiting, Samera Kamaleddine

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 6 years ago

Hello Samera
Yes, is the simple answer. We do indeed have several successful clients who live in Australia.  I am lucky enough to represent them. It may sound odd, but I’ve never met any of them in person, much as I would love to.  But these days, that’s not unusual, and the internet allows for productive and good working relationships.
There are no hard-and-fast rules about how we communicate/work together.  Sometimes it’s email only, others it’s email and Skype or FaceTime.  I will always work in whatever way suits the author.
I don’t currently deal directly with Australian publishing houses, but only because the majority of UK publishing houses have sister companies or distributors there.
You’ll find all you need to know about how to submit your work to us on the ‘Submissions’ section of this website.  In the first instance, you should submit your work to me (as you’re not living in North America).  If it’s not for me, but something that I think Sarah will like, I will forward it to her.  Sarah and I work closely together and regularly forward queries to one another.  That said, if you’re convinced your book will appeal only to Sarah, feel free to query her, but maybe include a brief explanation of why you’ve opted to do so so that she doesn’t think you’ve queried her in error.
Good luck with it!