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Mervyn Dobbins asked 5 years ago

Hi Polly – it\’s now Tuesday 4th June in Western Australia and I\’m doing a re-send since I received the notice below in my mailbox. I had hoped it\’s was now Monday in Canada and that my Submission would get excepted. Do resend tomorrow Wednesday 5th and every day thereafter or has someone simply forgotten to change your auto-reply? PLEASE NOTE: Polly is currently closed to submissions. She will re-open on Monday 3rd June. We are sorry, but queries sent to Polly whilst she is closed will be deleted without being read. You are, of course, welcome to re-submit once she re-opens. Sarah is open as usual. I await your response, Regards, Mervyn

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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 5 years ago

Dear Mervyn
I’m open again now. Sorry for any confusion.