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Thieves’ Gambit Series

Heist Royale

In this high-stakes, high drama sequel to Thieves’ Gambit, Ross must find a way to out-heist the boy who betrayed her to protect her family—and her heart.

It’s been six months since the end of the gambit. Instead of winning an impossible wish, Ross has the threat of her family’s execution hanging over her head. Devroe, the only person Ross thought she could trust, could wish the Quests into oblivion at any time. And shockingly, despite his betrayal and the two being forced to pull jobs together for the Organization, Devroe is still making a play for Ross’s heart. But Ross has learned her lesson. A Quest can only trust another Quest.

When Ross finds herself at the center of a power struggle within the Organization, she sees her chance to change her fortunes. As a new deadly Gambit develops for control of the criminal underworld, Ross strikes a risky deal to guarantee protection for herself and her family.

In this final clash, Ross will square off against a ruthless opponent who will stop at nothing to seize power, and in their corner will be not only Devroe, but his mother, who wants to destroy the Quests at any cost. The new Gambit takes Ross and her crew into the intoxicating casinos of Monte Carlo and across treacherous snow-covered slopes in Antarctica, as Ross competes against Devroe in a fight for her life. Loyalties will be tested, backs stabbed, hearts broken. May the best thief win.

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The Author

Kayvion Lewis

Kayvion Lewis is a young adult author of all things escapist and high-octane. A former youth services librarian, she’s been working with young readers and kidlit since she was sixteen. A week into writing Thieves’ Gambit, the idea took hold and she decided to take a break from college to focus on finishing the manuscript. Her debut fantasy novel, The Half-Class, was published by the independent press Parliament House. When she’s not writing, she’s breaking out of escape rooms, jumping out of airplanes, and occasionally running away to mountain retreats to study kung fu. Though she’s originally from Louisiana and often visits her family in The Bahamas, she never really knows when she’ll take off on her next adventure, which could take her anywhere in the world.

Visit her website at kayvionlewis.com.

Kayvion is represented by Chelsea Eberly.

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