Greenhouse aims to nurture and grow the talent of exceptional writers

Greenhouse Authors

Chloe Coles

Alice Lickens

Blythe Woolston

Winifred Conkling

Alison DeCamp

Caroline Carlson

Sarwat Chadda

Catherine Linka

Ronni Arno

Debbie Dunn

C. G. Drews

Jane O’Reilly

Alexandra Diaz

Julie Sykes

Debbie Dunn

Ashley Elston

Mae Respicio

Elissa Hoole

George Brewington

Tricia Springstubb

Jill Hathaway

Heather Ezell

Michelle Schusterman

Shawn Stout

Romily Bernard

Tae Keller

Wendy Mills

Janine Beacham

Joanna Meyer

Sarah Aronson

Tami Brown

Joshua Khan

Debbie Dunn

Annemarie O’Brien

Kat Yeh

Sinéad O’Hart

Louie Stowell

Jan Gangsei

Lindsay Champion

Gavin Puckett

What Greenhouse offers

Greenhouse is a transatlantic literary agency which represents authors writing books for children and young adults. Our vision is to work with clients in as full a way as possible, so if our authors diversify into other markets, we are often able to represent that work too.

With an emphasis on working creatively with our clients, Greenhouse can help authors develop their voice and craft – and then be their advocate and partner through the publishing process and beyond.

We believe young people deserve great books. Greenhouse seeks talented authors who are ready to put down roots. If you have a passion for excellence and a great story to tell, we look forward to hearing from you.