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I’m Big-Hearted: Little Activities to Encourage Lots of Gratitude

This fun-filled activity book by Amelia Riedler, illustrated by Camey Yeh has lots of ways to teach kids about kindness!

Being bighearted means you know what you love and who is important to you. It means trying to make the world a little kinder. And it means you get to see just how wonderful you already are!

This fun-filled activity book has lots of ways to teach kids kindness—chances to explore gratefulness and all the joy it can bring. Each page is bursting with bubbly illustrations and a variety of playful prompts—from short fill-ins and drawing activities to checklists and circling preferences. Do one activity each day or take a whole afternoon to explore. Each prompt will help children build empathy, embrace self-discovery, and explore the good feelings gratitude brings!

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The Author

Camey Yeh

Camey Yeh (she/her) is a Taiwanese-American illustrator and designer living on Ramaytush Ohlone land (aka San Francisco). She draws playful, silly, and slightly subversive stuff inspired by daily feels, relationships, and culture. She hopes her work brings joy and connection, resonating with our shared feelings and experiences. In her free time, she loves sunning her buns on the beach and hanging out with her big, friendly cat, Otis.

Find her on Instagram at @tropicalspaghetti.

Camey is represented by Kristin Ostby.

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