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Off the Map

From Meika Hashimoto, author of The Trail, comes an action-packed middle grade adventure about doing what it takes to survive―and realizing you can’t do it alone.

Amos and Marlo have always been best friends. From hiking trips to backyard camp-outs, from playing soccer at the park to sitting together at lunch, they did everything together — until this past school year, when it all fell apart.

Out of nowhere, Amos stopped talking to Marlo, and she has no idea why. Embarrassed and angry, Marlo distracts herself by looking forward to an end-of-year canoe trip with her mom. A special wilderness adventure, just the two of them (and their dog). But when they arrive at the trail-head in the Alaska wilderness… there’s Amos! Their parents have surprised them with a trip together. Things couldn’t be any worse.

During the trip, Marlo and Amos do their best to avoid each other at all costs… until their parents pair them in a canoe together. When they start arguing, Amos and Marlo don’t notice that the grownups’ canoe has disappeared, and now they’ve taken a wrong turn — and they’re heading straight for a waterfall.

Lost in the wilderness, can these two ex-best friends stop fighting long enough to find their way back to safety?

Off the Map contains Meika’s signature mix of outdoor adventure and loads of heart. It’s about first crushes, friendship breakups, and learning to trust again. A perfect read for fans of Hatchet or Dan Gemeinhart.

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The Author

Meika Hashimoto

Meika Hashimoto is an award-winning picture book, graphic novel, and middle grade novel writer, with books published by Scholastic, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Andrews McMeel. She grew up on a shiitake mushroom farm tucked within the rural mountains of Maine. After getting her degree in English Literature at Swarthmore College, she worked in the White Mountains of New Hampshire before starting her career as a children’s book editor for Random House. After over a decade, she moved back to her beloved home state, where she edits and writes books in her mountain home next to her husband, daughter, and two rescue dogs.

Meika is represented by Chelsea Eberly.

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