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A History of Food

Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments

Explore the history of innovative food in this non-fiction graphic novel filled with facts, legends, and recipes!

Have you ever wondered how some of our favorite foods came to be? How was cheese created and who realized it belonged on everything? Was soda always meant to be a drink? A team of whimsical food sprites are excited to show you the yummy history of food expirements from all over the world!

Learn about the true stories behind pickles! Get a recipe for how to make your favorite pizza! With a story and recipe for every chapter, this graphic novel for kids will give you something to read and taste.


Awards and Praise for Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments:
CBC Librarian Favorites Award 2024 Shortlist: 6th-8th Grade

“Elliott draws everything so it looks, well, tasty: just detailed enough to be realistic, brightly colored, and well presented. It may be hard to read too long without getting hungry.” –School Library Journal

“Charming, colorful illustrations and adorable sprites… Deliciously educational.” –Kirkus

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Victoria Grace Elliott

Victoria Grace Elliott (she/her) is a queer Southern illustrator and comic artist. Her debut middle grade nonfiction graphic novel, Yummy: A History of Desserts (Random House Graphic) and the stand-alone follow-up, Tasty: A History of Yummy Experiments (Random House Graphic) featured her love of sharing history and interesting facts—as well as sweets! Please Be My Star is a romantic YA retelling of Phantom of the Opera and is coming out from Scholastic/Graphix in 2024. Victoria is also the creator of the webcomic Balderdash! or, a tale of two witches.

She lives in Austin, Texas and can be found online at vgeportfolio.com.

Victoria is represented by Chelsea Eberly.

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