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The True Colours of Coral Glen

Excitement, drama, adventure, glorious colours . . . and a tiny tickle of terror in this cracking tale from the author of TWISTER (a SUNDAY TIMES Book of the Month).

Coral Glen’s beloved grandmother has died and Coral is heartbroken. So when she meets a peculiar boy – who claims to be a ghost and says he can give Coral the chance to say a proper goodbye to grandma – she’s tempted to take him up on the offer. There’s just one catch. One very big catch: there is a frightening, evil spirit imprisoned in the graveyard who is about to escape. Coral must stop him.  All she needs are the tears of a witch, the feather of a Wrecker bird and the bones of a cannibal. Coral is brave and she is heartbroken – but is she brave and heartbroken enough for this?  And if she takes it on, will she ever see her gran again?


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Calderdale Book Award – WINNER

Winner of the Calderdale Book Award 2011.