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The Way to Bea

With a quirky, compelling voice and relatable characters, here is a beautifully written, powerful story of finding the way to be yourself—even when you’re not quite sure who you want to be.

Seventh grade isn’t starting off so well for Beatrix Lee. Bea used to have friends…and now she doesn’t. She was an only child…and soon she won’t be. She used to fit in…and now she stands out for all the wrong reasons. She takes solace in writing poems in ink that’s as invisible as Bea feels, and hiding them in a secret spot.

And then, one day, someone starts writing messages back. Is it her estranged best friend, a fellow staff member at the school paper, the caring librarian who always seems to have the right words, or a boy whose obsession with labyrinths is as intense as Bea’s interest in words? In solving the mystery, Bea just might discover where she belongs.



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USA/Canada: Little, Brown (2017)
Germany: Magellan

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Middle-Grade Nerdie Award for Best Novels of 2017

THE 2017 NERDIES: Middle Grade Fiction ANNOUNCED BY Colby Sharp

Starred Review in School Library Journal

“This character-driven story is a winning combination of humor, heart, and redemption.”