• US Edition

The Art of Feeling

This is a contemporary YA romance with a suspenseful twist, which explores the meaning of pain at an age when pain is inevitable.

Pain is the one connection between Sam and Eliot. Pain’s been Sam’s life ever since a drunk guy in a Jeep killed her mom, and left her disabled. Whereas Eliot, thanks to a congenital disorder, has never felt so much as a stubbed toe let alone a broken arm.

What begins as a mutual jealousy quickly turns into Sam’s only distraction from a brother turned alcoholic, a sister turned workaholic, and the family counseling sessions with a father too overwhelmed to take control. Eliot may be a self-destructive social disaster, but he doesn’t treat Sam like broken glass, and his pain-free life is her fantasy.

Or so she thinks. Eliot’s life without physical pain brings other kinds or torment, from a childhood of unwanted media attention to a therapist using him to write a book. Drugs are the one thing that help him feel anything at all. But when Eliot is accused of snitching on the dangerous leader of a group of local pill-selling rich boys, Sam is determined to stick up for the one person who understands her.

In order  to understand Eliot, she must learn the value of all the pain she’s been trying to bury.

Rights details

USA/Canada: HarperCollins (2017)
Vietnam: Vanvietbooks (an imprint of AZ Publishing Group)
Romania: Editura Gama