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The Replacement

Elegantly strange, darkly compelling, this truly original debut novel marks the arrival of a major new talent. It features a brooding, bass-playing teen boy who is sure to resonate with all young-adult readers.

Mackie Doyle seems like everyone else in the perfect little town of Gentry, but he is living with a fatal secret – he is a Replacement, left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now the dark side wants him back, and Mackie must decide where he really belongs and what he really wants.
A month ago, Mackie might have told the creatures beneath the hill to buzz off. But now, with a budding relationship with tough, wounded, beautiful Tait, Mackie has too much to lose. Will love finally make him worthy of the human world?

Rights details

Rights: Greenhouse c/o Rights People

USA/Canada: Razorbill, Penguin Putnam (October 2010)

UK/Commonwealth/English-language Europe: Simon & Schuster (January 2011)

Germany hardcover: Loewe

German paperback: Beltz

Complex Chinese Language for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao: Morningstar Inc

Simplified Chinese (Mainland China): Beijing Booky Publishing Inc

Turkey: Profil Kitap

Spanish bookclub: Circulo de Lectores

Brazil: Bertrand (Record)

Hungary: Egmont

Iran: Behdad

Greece: Platypus

Russia: Astrel

Hebrew/Israel: Hakibutz Hameucad

Indonesia: Copyright UFUK

France: Michel Lefon

Bulgaria: Kragozor

Slovenia: Zalozba Alica

Poland: ZNAK

Italy: Asengard Edizione

Film: Jerry Kalajian at Intellectual Property Group

Good news

Booklist’s 2011 Top Ten Horror Books



September 2010: Starred review – followed by a place in the Top 10 ‘best first novels for youth published in the last year’.

New York Times Bestseller list

October, 2010: THE REPLACEMENT debuts in the NYT bestseller list, shortly after publication.

The Author

Brenna Yovanoff

Brenna Yovanoff has written a number of novels for teens (published by Razorbill and Delacorte) and holds an MFA in Fiction from Colorado State University. Her latest novel – THE PLACES NO ONE KNOWS – has received several accolades, and her debut – THE REPLACEMENT – hit the NYT bestseller list. 2019 has seen publication of  Brenna’s RUNAWAY MAX, the first YA novel set in the world of Stranger Things, the hit Netflix series.

For a long time she wrote short fiction with Maggie Stiefvater and Tessa Gratton, who together comprised the Merry Sisters of Fate.

She lives with her family in Denver, Colorado.


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