Tree Explorer

The leaves of this book are alive with everything a child could want to know about leaves and trees!

Rustling with fun facts and useful information, TREES is a fun-filled adventure from root to leaf tip.  Suitable for children up to the age of six, this is a great source of basic information, told through bursts of fact, bright illustration, stickers, games and activities.

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World Rights: Pavilion Books (UK)

The Author

Alice Lickens

London-based Alice Lickens is the creative talent behind the fun ‘EXPLORER’ sticker-book series for the National Trust.  She researches, writes and illustrates her work but also does a lot of illustration-only projects.

On top of that, Alice is the Designer at the House of Illustration in London – the world’s first home to the art of illustration in all its forms.  Being awarded the Sendak Fellowship meant that, for several months, she was lucky enough to live and work at Maurice Sendak’s house in Connecticut.

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