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Intense and thrilling, a companion novel and sequel to FRACTURE, set a year after that story and this time told from Decker's perspective.

Everyone says Falcon Lake is cursed. After all, Delaney nearly died there, and Troy really did. And even Carson died covered in water, even if everyone knows that was really just melted snow.
Decker doesn’t believe all the talk about curses, and he pretty much buys into Delaney’s statistical theory – that every year a certain number of people in any given town are bound to die. He certainly doesn’t join in when people look at Delaney in that suspicious way – like she has something to do with all the trouble. Like she doesn’t just predict who’s going to die – like she may actually be involved.

Decker has always loved Delaney. But when she comes to his house and backs away from his dad, pale faced and weird, everything changes. Because Decker’s father has an appointment coming with death, and Delaney never said a word.

Whatever the truth about Delaney, aren’t there some things that are unforgiveable?

Megan Miranda’s VENGEANCE, a companion novel and sequel to FRACTURE, told from Decker’s perspective, in which the lake that claimed victims appears to be cursed as more tragedy unfolds, raising the question of whether Delaney’s strange affinity with the dying is something even more sinister,

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US/Canada: Walker (Winter 2014)

UK/Commonwealth: Bloomsbury

The Author

Megan Miranda

Megan Miranda studied Biology and Anthropology at M.I.T. where she won awards in bioengineering. She worked in biotechnology for several years before teaching high-school Science. She is the author of a number of novels for young adults, published by Bloomsbury and Crown (Random House), but has now also moved into adult fiction where her debut, ALL THE MISSING GIRLS, was a top debut of 2016 and made the extended USA Today bestseller list. THE PERFECT STRANGER follows in 2017. Both are published by Simon & Schuster.

She has a young family and lives in North Carolina.

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