Normally budding writers would find lots of info here about how to enter the 2017 Greenhouse Funny Prize.  But, after three years of reading some fantastic (and fantastically funny) chapters, the Greenhouse Funny Prize team has decided it needs a break.  We want to re-fill our tear ducts (crying from laughter can be draining, you know), polish our funny bones and let our well-tickled ribs have a rest. So we are not going to run the Funny Prize this year.

But fret not!  We hope to be back with it in 2018 – and back with it in a funnier, finer, different form.  So please continue to keep an eye out here from Spring 2018 for details, and also watch Polly’s Twitter feed (@NolanPolly).

Anyone who was hoping to enter the competition this year, please do feel free to query Polly in the usual way. (You’ll find details under ‘Submissions’ on this site.)

Thank you to everybody for your enthusiasm and interest.  We’ll see you in 2018.


The Greenhouse Funny Prize Team