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Harley asked 7 years ago

Dear Sarah,
I was wondering what should the formatting for the sample pages be? Double or single spaced? I know that when I paste the first five pages in the email, the format gets all jumbled up and the indents are not even. Should it be the same format as the query letter? Also, what if the first five pages are cut in near the end of the chapter? Do I send the full chapter or only the first five pages? I apologize for all the questions.
Thank you for your time!

1 Answers
Sarah Davies Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Harley
We would love the 5 pages to be doubled spaced, but we know that the formatting is lost when you paste the pages into an email, so don’t worry. Not sure what you mean by “cut in near the end of the chapter”.  We simply require to see the first 5 pages, whatever those may be.
Hope this helps!