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Abi asked 4 years ago

I know you are currently not accepting submissions, but when you do reopen I was wondering if you accept picture book submissions? On the website it says ‘we are NOT looking for picture books’ but then further down the page it gives instructions on how to submit a picture book – ‘If you’re writing/illustrating a picture book (no more than 1000 words) paste in the whole text’. I was just a bit confused by this and didn’t want to waste your time by sending manuscripts that you don’t accept.

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Sarah Davies Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, Abi
Thanks for your question. Our position is that we ARE open to author-illustrators (ie, people who both write AND illustrate professionally), but we are NOT seeking picture-book texts only (ie, unillustrated). The website says this: “We are NOT looking for picture book texts (ie, by writers who aren’t also illustrators).” We have tried to make the wording on the site as clear as possible, but I will go back through it again, and see if I can clarify further to avoid confusion. 
I hope this helps to explain things.