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Ella Ashman asked 7 years ago

Dear Polly,

I submitted a question a couple of days ago but I think something went wrong as it does not seem to appear on the question page.

My query is about a submission (MILLIE LITTLE) I sent you a few weeks ago (nearly six weeks) I am just asking whether you have had a chance to read the material.

I can only imagine how busy you must be and I completely understand if you have not grot round to it.


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Chelsea Eberly Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear Ella
Thank you for considering Greenhouse when thinking about potential agencies. I’ve had a look through my submissions but can’t immediately find anything from you, which suggest that your original query may have gone astray. This sometimes happens in the strange world of cyberspace. Please feel free to resend the query, but please be aware that it normally takes me six weeks to respond as I’ve got quite a backlog and I give careful thought to everything I’m sent, though I will endeavour to get to yours more quickly than that.
Good luck with it!
As a general note to other writers who may be reading this and wondering about their queries, it’s easier to search for a submission if it’s chased up through the submissions address ( than the website, so please do feel free to email me there if you’re in doubt/concerned.